About Us

«Tout un monde – l’art du Palais des Nations s’invite en ville» exhibits, for the first time, works from the

Palais des Nations outside the UN compound.

Mrs Victoria Dzodziev,  the initiator.

Once young Geneva student has become, over time, an accomplished businesswoman. She even joined the world, very discreet and very closed, the  «tout Genève».

 She collects modern art for twenty years and opened, six years ago, the D10 Art Space gallery to help young talented artists.

Genevoise in her heart, she believes in her international city

with a mix of more than  140 nationalities. 

A Russian father, Ukrainian mother, the tear between these

two countries touch her deeply. The UN calls on this with its institutions that work for a world of peace.

Why not bring the diplomats and official UN staff from Geneva authorities with artistic circles and local financiers around

art, a universal language?

Victoria launches the project in full pandemic. She travels for miles, in a Deserted Palace of Nations deserted, to spot artworks, like a

foraging bee looking the finest of nectars. Under her eye of a discerning collector, the exhibition takes shape and is inaugurated on June 24, 2020.

Masks, gel and distancing social events invite themselves to the opening. In the white spaces of the gallery, lithographs by Brazilian artist Otávio Roth illustrate the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in version simplified for children. "The

Universal Declaration is easy, ”says Victoria Dzodziev “Even children can understand".

by Cristina Giordano, Library and United Nations Archives, Geneva